Compact inhalation exposure

The inExpose is designed to operate under a standard fume hood, and distinguishes itself by its compact size and high level of integration. Its modularity and integration permits both nose-only and/or whole body exposure of rodents, as well as automated generation of cigarette smoke and aerosols. The small form factor reduces direct and indirect costs, and low internal volumes also minimize unintended dilution of precious compounds.

Modular Components

  • Base Unit

    Real-time control.

    The inExpose is a completely computer controlled apparatus where subsystems for data acquisition and accessory control are contained within the base unit. Our servo-controlled pumps allow rapid test compound concentration modifications at test sites. All functionality is controlled and managed by our Windows-based flexiWare software package which controls the acquiring, displaying and archiving of data all while monitoring vital signs and exposure in real-time.

  • Nose-only Tower

    Compact and efficient.

    The nose-only towers are constructed with individual air-flow pathways to ensure uniform inhalant distribution, and prevent re-breathing of air among subjects. The small internal volume design enables a tower to reach target concentrations with minimum compound usage when compared to conventional larger towers. Each tower can support 12 mice or 4 rats and multiple towers can be run in parallel with a single base unit.

  • Whole Body Chamber

    Compact and efficient.

    The whole body chambers contain small internal volumes and 8 symmetric exposure ports, allowing for even distribution throughout the chamber. Due to the unrestrained nature of this exposure, experiments may continue for longer periods and are generally regarded to be less stressful for subjects.

  • Single Cigarette Chamber

    Low concentrations.

    The single cigarette chamber features a single cigarette holder to allow for manual loading, lighting and removal of cigarettes. This setup is ideal for experiments with short exposure protocols and low smoke concentrations. The single cigarette chamber also allows for vape exposure through a customized adapter that accommodates e-cigarettes.

  • Cigarette Smoking Robot

    Customize your puff profiles.

    We offer turn-key solutions to generate cigarette smoke including the cigarette smoking robot (CSR) which can hold up to 24 cigarettes. The CSR features automatic lighting and ejection in user programmable sequences. These sequences allow 1 to 12 cigarettes to be smoked in any possible parallel or sequential combination, permitting the instrument to run for up to four hours without user intervention and allowing greater smoke concentrations to be reached.

  • Electronic Cigarettes

    Vape Generation.

    We offer an e-cigarette extension designed for the push button 3rd generation “MOD” e-cigarettes. This extension allows for longer exposures due to a larger tank, offers automated activation, custom puff profiles, and temperature control of the vapour produced.

  • Atmospheric Monitoring

    Quantitative and qualitative.

    Comprehensive monitoring and recording of the exposure atmosphere such as qualitative particulate measurements by IR opacity, quantitative particulate concentration, gravimetric measurements and recording of a variety of vital signs are readily available.

  • Aerosol

    Integrating the Aeroneb.

    A turn-key solution for aerosol generation is available using the Aeroneb ultrasonic nebulizer.  With the advanced flexiWare software, the inExpose permits accurate nebulization rate control. Integration with third party test compound generation devices is also possible.

  • Evacuation

    Exhaust control.

    Exhaust management and operator safety is important with all inExpose configurations. We recommend performing all experiments within a fume hood with exhaust directed to the vents. More advanced evacuation solutions, such as particulate filters, active charcoal filters, aqueous or buffered scrubber solutions can be easily integrated to the exhaust ports of the inExpose.

    Specifically for smoking applications, adequate exhaust is necessary to maintain cigarette lighting efficiency and consistent puffing. SCIREQ offers an adjustable exhaust flow system to ensure that no smoke accumulates in the cigarette smoking robot (CSR) and that the cigarettes are properly aspirated.

  • Accessories

    Everything you need is included.

    SCIREQ will provide suitable accessories based on the purchase of your inExpose system configuration. Some items are considered disposable and will need to be replaced over time or after heavy use. Common replacement items include: tubing kits, pump valves and fittings, as well as filters. Rotameters, computers, cables, power supplies and other small tools may also be acquired as needed.


  Internal volume Subjects Restraints Wetted components
  • < 200mL (mice)
  • < 400mL (rats)
  • Mice (up to 12)
  • Rats (up to 4)
  • SoftRestraintsTM made from nylon coated stainless steel wires, suitable for rodents from 15-30g
  • Clear acrylic restraints available for rodents from 100g-700g
  • Delrin
  • Acrylic
  • Anodized aluminum

    Stainless steel available upon request

  • 5L (cells, tissue, mice)
  • 10L (rats)
  • Cells or tissues
  • Mice (12 to 24)
  • Rats (3 to 6)

Separators available

  • Clear acrylic
  • Anodized aluminum

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